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Aviator Group International is the vision of William Costa.

As managing owner, William started his aviation career over thirty years ago, earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Professional Aeronautics, as well as Commercial Flight and Airframe and Power Plant Mechanics certificates.

During the course of his career, Bill has held multiple positions in companies such as Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company, The Raisbeck Group, Eastern Airlines, Air Sal Leasing, Miami Air International, Kitty Hawk Air Cargo, Planet Airways, Jet Lease, and Boston Maine Airways, d.b.a Pan Am World Airways.

During this span of time, Bill worked with heavy transport category aircraft, and in the modification of supercritical wings to Saberliners and Lear jets. He has worked with B727s, DC 9s, L1011s, A300s, King Airs, and eventually flying for diverse companies to almost every corner of the globe. Bill holds an ATP license with 727 type-rating, and an FE rating, along with being a flight instructor and FAA-designated line check captain.

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